Exponential Group (ExG) is a visionary class of investors, innovators and creatives working to build a better world one organization at a time.

  • early-stage seed capital, business advisory, later stage capital raising, digital issuance and trading - all in-house
  • publicly traded diversified digital asset fund, bridging the old siloed economy with the new fractionalized economy
  • leveraging the power of digital securities to empower new enterprises and migrate assets to the digital world
  • democratizing access to early stage companies, resolving government and financial exclusion in the process
  • connecting organizations to the advisors and partners they need for rapid, stable and exponential scale



Exponential Ventures (ExV) is a digital asset impact fund investing in founders committed to solving the world's biggest challenges through digital applications.

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Exponential Capital (ExC) is a digital asset advisory helping founders leverage the power of digital securities to raise capital and migrate their assets to the digital world.

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Exponential Markets (ExM) is a digital asset issuance and trading platform, giving founders and businesses access to a global network of strategic investors.

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Exponential Group

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Ventures: connect@exv.ai

Capital & Markets: connect@excm.ai

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